Day 6: Naked

Everyone comes naked from their mother’s womb, and as everyone comes, so they depart. They take nothing from their toil that they can carry in their hands. — Ecclesiastes 5:15

Read the whole passage in Ecclesiastes 5:10-20

Naked we came into this life and naked we will leave it. Nothing escapes the portal of death. Nothing passes the guard of the next life. Every earthly investment, no matter the security, no matter the long-term possibilities, is only and always a short-term investment. But what we invest in the kingdom of God, what we build in God’s name, is built for the next life, for eternity. Enjoy present and quiet afternoons. But enjoy it not as the destination but as the rest stop along the way, as the glimpse of heaven and coming inheritance. If we fool ourselves into thinking that what we hold in our hands matters more than what God prepares as an eternal reward, then all will be lost.

Talk with God

Give me the eyes to see what really matters in life.

Live it. How will you live more second today?

Tell it. How will you share what you have learned?

From the book “Live Second: 365 ways to make Jesus first”


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