Day 2: King

“There is still the youngest,” Jesse answered. “He is tending the sheep.” –1 Samuel 16:11

Read the whole passage in 1 Samuel 16:1-13.

God choose David to be king of his people. He was a simple, small boy who herded sheep. He smelled of green pastures and open fields. He fought lions and fended off thieves. He did not possess a kingly stature, experience in battle, or knowledge of palace politics. he was just a boy, the youngest of eight sons, but he loved his God–and it was that love and that childlike trust that made him special. God does not use our measurements. He does not value beauty above humility. He does not measure wit and charisma above faith and integrity. God sees the core of our hearts and measures the substance of our being and the truth of our character.

Talk with God
Father, teach me to rely on your strength, your guidance, not my own. Make the leader you desire by making me the follower you demand.

Live it. How can you live more second today?
Tell it. How will you share what you have learned?

Tweet using #IASKing to share your thoughts.

From the book “Live second: 365 ways to make Jesus first”


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