Day 3: Ruin

For dust you are, and to dust you will return. –Genesis 3:19

Real the whole passage in Genesis 3:1-24

Our years unlimited, our stretch through time free and unending–this was our destiny. Death and sickness were never meant to mar this world. But all was ruined when the father of humanity chose a different path. It wasn’t enough for Adam to be like God, to be created in his image. He wanted right and wrong to be his choice. His desire came at a terrible yet promised price: death. Maybe not immediate, but sure nonetheless. Sickness, famine, war, somehow death would come to him and all his descendants. We may blame Adam for sending us down an untreatable path, but we continue his journey with every prideful thought, with every hateful action, and with every drop of greed. We too are Adam. We too earn our rightful place in death and make our need for grace.

Talk with God
God, forgive me for my pride and my failures.

Live it: How will you live more second today?
Tell it: How will you share what you have learned today?

Tweet using #IASruin to share your thoughts

From the book “live second 365 ways to make Jesus first”


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